Why did I choose to start my own business

Why would someone choose to start their own business, and why would they choose network marketing? Why did I choose Rodan+Fields?

These are questions that I would have asked in the past and I have already had them asked to me this month.  So why would anybody choose to start their own business?  Why not work for somebody else?  The other person takes the risk, right? Let me tell you that I want to be the person who reaps the rewards for all of my hard work!  If I punch a clock, that business owner benefits from the work that I’m doing.  I can set my own hours and work from my kitchen counter!

So why network marketing?  Who shops at the store anymore?  I don’t!  I buy from Amazon and it comes to my front door.  Lands End has free shipping all the time!  The only places that I go are Target and the occasional grocery store.  I shop based on referrals from friends or bloggers who I trust.  I just enjoy shopping from my living room.  It is the way of the future and everybody is leaning that direction.  I can even have a service bring me my groceries…but I haven’t tried that yet!

Why did I choose Rodan+Fields?  It was the fact that this company is backed by two of the best dermatologists there are, who cleared up my teenage acne with Proactiv!  These doctors and this business model cannot be matched.  The compensation plan is so generous!  If I am willing to do the work, I will see results. There are no products to handle, merchandise to carry from place to place, and I am not begging my friends to have parties!  My friends don’t have time to do a party for me.  They are too busy working and being Mom’s!  I will have the occasional event, but I just enjoy that.  This business will be about relationships and friendships.


Want to work from home?  Want to set your own hours?  Retire yourself or your husband earlier than expected? If you want to build a business then I want you on my team. Send me a message and we can talk!